Garage Door

The answer…It occurred to me when asking myself the question, what is on your mind?

It is always the same, an idea, an inspiration, something I have seen, heard or smelled stirs my senses. This all means one thing, it ends up in what I call the blender in my head. I take it all in, toss it around and see what is “on” my mind.

Today it is the garage door used in unconventional ways.



Doro DC Designer — Vintage Chic



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malmo1 frenchbydesign

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Doro DC Designer — Vintage Chic


Lighting according to Dorothy

Lighting according to Dorothy

If in doubt, get out the spray paint!

If in doubt, get out the spray paint!

Black chandelier

A Trip To Anthropologie

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Cumberland Chair – Safavieh Home Furnishings






Cumberland Chair – Safavieh Home Furnishings.


I simply love chairs.  This color is IT for the coming season.   Teals, blues and green hues are popping up everywhere in design.

Decorative Vintage Accents from Jarlath Mellet

Decorative Vintage Accents from Jarlath Mellet.

Spotted! Design Find!